is a hardened tree resin, consisting of compounds of terpenes, alcohols, and esters. Trees produced it as protection against disease and insect infestation when the bark of a tree was opened due to a limb that had broken away, attacks by wood-boring beetles, or for other reasons. After oozing out, it hardened in wet sediments, such as clay and sand that formed at the bottom of lagoons or river deltas and was preserved in the earth's crust for millenniums.

Although there are many places where Amber is found, larger quantities are mined in about twenty deposits around the world and mainly in Eastern Europe (Baltic), in Mexico and in the Dominican Republic.

Amber from the Dominican Republic is renowned for the diversity of inclusions it contains.

The occurrence of insects in Dominican Amber is about 10 times higher than in Baltic amber.

Dominican amber is also
90 % more transparent than amber from elsewhere.

Another important fact about Dominican amber that makes it stand out from the amber found in other regions:

It occurs in several colors, from a light yellow to a deep red, and even a blue and the extremely rare smoky green can be found.

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